Camilla on the Clouds is a project born in 2023 from the joyful emotions channeled after the birth of my daughter Camilla. 
She brought light, happiness and deeply knowledge of myself..and I want to share all those positive feelings with you. 
The name of the shop is my wish for her: always maintain a bit of kid spirit, with a light heart and willing to experience all the beautiful things this world can offer us.
The brand is meant to offer fun, colorful, easy going and well made bijoux, to wear everyday and also fitting with a more cheeky look. 
Plus, some accessories for kids will be in our shop: we want them to feel special since the ealiest days! 
We are based in Italy but used to travel around, Camilla is a citizen of the world..our home is where our heart is. 

Erica & Camilla!